Natural Hair Care & Braiding Court Order was Awarded A, B, C,&D!

The Institute For Justice vs The Minnesota Department of Cosmetology

What Does The Court Order say?

A. The Minnesota Cosmetology Board (Chapt.155A) and The Minnesota Barber Boards (Chapt.154) could not regulate Hair Braiders or Hair Braiding Services.

B. Hair Braiding, Simple Hair Devices, Hair Braiding Services, and Hair Braiders are to be defined in the Cosmetology rule book (Minn. R 2642.0010). And! Hair Braiding Services and Hair Braiders are exempt from the Department of Commerce, Cosmetology and Barber Boards rules.

C. Hair Braiding and Hair Braiding Services are unregulated. But Simple Hair Devices and Hair Braiders are regulated.

D. Local ordinance and units of governments cannot regulate Hair Braiders training, test or licensing of Hair Braiders, Hair Braiding, and Hair Braiding services.

But notice the Court Order does not mention deregulation of “Simple Hair Devices and Hair Braiders”!

Are Natural Hair Care Schools a Step into Cosmetology Schools?

Natural Hair Care & Braiding School can be a viable option for the first steps into the Natural Hair Care & Braiding industry.

The Natural Hair Care & Braiding industry has joined and formed a Billion dollar Black beauty business exonomy.

This is the first Natural Hair Care student to graduate from

Sampson Community College where she is now enrolled in the cosmetology program.

As a Natural Hair Care Stylist and 1st understanding her hair. She is now motivated to advance her skills and start using chemicals.

Natural Hair Care School

1st Natural Hair Care πŸŽ“ Graduate

This is the prime example of an EXCELLENT program in Natural Hair Care & Braiding.

β˜€οΈ Here is the article image/ website page of discussion (if’s ok) and the questions?

A.)Tell us who you are, what state you’re in, what’s your expertise, and where can we find your business is located?

B.)Your primary concerns with the hazards of public health, safety, and sanitation for Natural Hair Care?

C.) What can be done right now to make this a reality?

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