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Hi, I’m Denise.

I’m a third-generation hairstylist and licensed in three states.

I desired to open a beauty school that teaches hair weaving.

Not just any school but an online school to teach massive amounts of black women.

My struggle was that the cosmetology boards, requiring an application fee for my hard work.

Fortunately, the courts ruled that hair braiding was an unregulated service, including simple hair devices.

During this, journey the conflicting story about an infection control level of oversight in hair braiding began to emerge.

Not only hair braiders but cosmetologist, estheticians, and barbers core course is infectious diseases.

So from my the first-hand experience, I knew this was true about one particularly intriguing attractive hairstyle is the sew-in weave.

The suture needles are being used to install wefts of donor’s hair is seen into braided hair that is attached to the scalp.

This procedure requires infection control training for hair stylist protection.

Cosmetology and Barber Boards protect the customers.

Not us!

It’s time you protect yourself from high-risk cross transmission diseases.

This Infection Control training helps you to create the ultimate trust with a healthy and ”safe salon sharps culture.”
Lucky enough this is a one-hour life-changing training to open a Weaveologist salon today.
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Hair Braiding is REPEAL!

Minnesota has REPEALED hair braiding from the Board of Cosmetologist and hair Braiders will no longer have the options of being licensed to do natural hair.

The deregulation of natural hair care to just hair braiding and not considering the many women who preform natural hair styles, weaves and wigs. Hair Braiding REPEALED

Hair Braider Registration REPEALED

It’s ALL back on the hands of the cosmetology board. Look 👀 for many shops to close and have more fines from the board.

Use IG GLUE and NEEDLES are a No No for now!

Please stay tuned as O will update my sisters on this matter.

And don’t hesitate to call, text or email 📧 if the Boards starts to retaliate.

I’ll keep watching as Rena Moran stated when asked about sanitation and health risks associated with hair styling, Moran said education shouldn’t be a prohibitive factor for licensure, noting it should be common practice. “It’s just a healthy thing to do to wash a comb before you use it on another person’s head or take note of a scalp issue. But that’s more of an educational piece that needs to take place,” she added. “There are ways to work with the [MN] Department of Health to get those basic type of safety criteria in place.”

Let’s see if the Hair Braider Registration will have to report to the Health Departments and does Rena really care about BlackWomens health.

Unleashing a Needle and Removing ‘hair braiding license’ requirements puts Black women at risk

I recently read the article “Hair braiding bill represents ‘new narrative’ at legislature” and Rep. Rena Moran’s move to eliminate hair braiding license requirements. I strongly disagree. She thinks she’s helping us, but she’s not. Removing the education piece will only place Black women at even higher health risks.

Hair braiding” as defined in HF Chapter 155A includes more than just cornrows — it also includes “locking, sewing, twisting, weaving, or wrapping” hair and extensions by hand and by only using simple braiding devices. Those “simple hair devices” include needles under Minnesota Statute 116.76.

These needles are used for installing “scalp hair prostheses” as defined in Minnesota Statutes 62A.28, commonly known as “customized wigs” as included in the Hair Braiding definition, as well as for sew-in weaves.

This is scary as most Black women in braiding salons re-use weaving needles and do not use safety equipment in hair braiding salons and we are the highest rate of HIV, HPV and HPV contacting in Minnesota.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that about 385,000 sharps-related injuries occur annually among health care workers in hospitals. While there is no data for exposure to injuries by the Board of Cosmetology or the MN Health Department, the CDC reports that such simple device injuries pose a 24 percent increased risk with suture needles.

As a licensed cosmetologist and hair braider course provider, I helped form the EcoHair Braiders Association, LLC in 2014 along with five hair braider course providers to provide an online learning natural hair course and learning experience for hair braiders. Currently, there are 350 registered hair braiders 156 active, 17-course providers, 2 charter schools and four community colleges offering the hair braiding services and curriculum, “Natural Hair Braiding Safety for the Public and Practitioner.”

As hair braiders, individuals and entities, we authorized, reviewed, and approved the adoption of the rules by the Board of Cosmetology into Chapter 154 and 155A and are now asking Minnesota’s legislators to amend SF 2227 to include informative safety oversight research and analysis that will create uniformity and allow reciprocation between 24 other states that currently regulate hair braiding and fiscal note for appropriations.

We also request the creation of a Needle-Stick Committee to help reduce exposure to bloodborne pathogens by establishing preventive rules for the safety of the citizens of the state.

We do not want the current hair braiding law repealed, we just want it transferred to another chapter in the Minnesota Statutes to address infection control. In addition to needles, “hair braiders” use glue, cigarette lighters and boiling hot water which could also create health risks. 

We recommend this infection control training be regulated and include three parts: bloodborne pathogen compliance via OSHA and its Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act of 2000; first-aid training from Red Cross; and personal protective equipment training from the Department of Labor and industry to include the use of thimbles and containers. This training could be completed in as few as three hours, but needs to happen annually.

We understand Moran’s desire to remove cumbersome requirements as it relates to the economy, but ultimately see it posing a greater risk for the health of Black women which is our greatest form of wealth.

Contact Gov. Tim Walz with your concerns and read the full article on Minnesota Spokesmen-Recorder.

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Good Morning 🌞 SuperNaturals

Good Morning 🌞 #SuperNaturals

I’m up early this morning taking my child to dance 💃🏾 practice.

Have a Great Day🤓

Natural Hair Stylist Be Aware!

HF140 Hair Braiding Repeal @RenaMoran & @DuaneQuam as a professional with concerns for the Needle 💉reuse in Hair Braiding Salons. Your profession is on the line!

Are you a Natural HairBraider offering Sew-In Weaves as a natural hair care protective style service with a Needle💉?

1️⃣ Then I’m asking you to Stop 🚫 reusing Needles 💉 on your clients!

No other Occupational reuses 💉 Needles!



🏥 Hospitals

👩🏽‍🎨Tattoo Artists


So why are you ALLOWED too!

2️⃣ If you are a Natural Hair Care client that’s wearing a Sew-In Weave I’m asking you to DEMAND you Natural Hair Care Stylist wear they’re required by OSHA Protective Personal Equipment to prevent cross-contamination of 💉 Blood-Borne Pathogens.

3️⃣ If you are a politician we DEMAND a Natural Hair Board for #TANGIBLES2020!

Use Twitter and let your Congresspeople know you’re thoughts…@RenaMoran

Minnesota Hair Braider Registration gets $0 and the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology Advanced Practice Esthetican get $2 millions for “needle” usage (UNEXCEPTABLE)

Minnesota Hair Braiding Registration License is the key to a Natural Hair Braider Board.

I want to explain more on how the Minnesota Hair Braider Registration Licensees “simple hair devices” are being manipulated into being in the Board of Cosmetology favor through legal cases brought on by the Institute for Justice.

Why should we care? Because it Black Women #AmeicanDOS who bare the bottom of the barrel to healthcare and HIV and HPV infections. However most don’t know how they contracted the virus.

I’m here in your face telling you while white women protect them selves you are the cost.Minnesota Hair Braiding Registration License

Minnesota Advance Practice Deceptions
A. In consequence, Judge Isabell Gomez’s Court Order, Section  III. Agreed Order, paragraph 8., letter B., and page 15.

Gives the Board the authority to make rules  and change the definition at will for “Simple Braiding Devices” it reads:

“Hair Braiding, Simple Braiding Devices, Hair Braiding Services, and Hair Braiding are defined are to be defined in Minn. R 2642.100 (which was later repealed and renumbered to Minn.R 2105) and Hair Braiding, Hair Braiding Services and Hair Braiders are to be construed as exempt from Minn. R 2100(2003), 2646(2003) and 2644(2003).


This gives the Board the authority to overwriting the definitions and rules for Hair Braiding, Simple Braiding Devices, and Hair Braiding Services.

But grants exemptions ONLY to Hair Braiding, Hair Braiding Services, and Hair Braiders.

Therefore, allowing the Boards total control over Simple Braiding Devices which includes the ‘needle’.

Unfortunately, this is how the Board can get back into the Health Practices Cataorgy and ask the goverment for more funding in approations through legislation for the health and welfare of the public.
B. The Revisors Rules docket RD4342 denied by Judge Eric Lipman but later approved by Judge Tammy Pust allows AP Estheticians to use Simple Hair Braiding Devices definition separate to create the medical health, safety and sanitation for the welfare of the public claims needed to support the NEW licensing of estheticians.
The Board ask for rulmaking authority over 155A.21 to 155A.36 this mistake includes 155A.28 for Hair Braiders Registration.
I beleive it’s valid enough for this procedural mistake to go back before an adminstrative judge.
In the Matter of the Board of Cosmetologist Examiners’ Proposed Permanent Rules Governing Advanced Practice Estheticians; Minnesota Rules Chapters 2105 and 2110 Section II. Rulemaking Authority.
8.  The Board also relies upon its general rulemaking authority under Minn. Stat. § 155A.26, which provides: The Board may develop and adopt rules according to chapter 14 that the Board considers necessary to carry out sections 155A.21 to 155A.36. 
9. With respect to regulating salons, the Board also relies on Minn. Stat. § 155A.29, subd. 2. This statute provides that “the conditions and process by which a salon is licensed shall be established by the Board by rule.” Additionally, Minn. Stat. § 155A.29, subd. 3, provides that “minimum infection control standards for the operation of a salon shall be established by rule.”  https://mn.gov/oah/assets/9013-33230-board-cosmetologest-examiners-rules-report_tcm19-327496.pdf
C. In addition to, creating the definition and rules for Sharps the Board has the athourity over simple braiding device the needle.

3.10 Subp. 11h. Sharps. “Sharps” means any object, sterile or contaminated, that may 

3.11 purposefully or accidentally cut or penetrate the skin or mucosa including presterilized 
3.12 single-use lancets, dermal blades, and razor blades. 
3.13 Subp. 11i. Sharps container. “Sharps container” means a closed, puncture-resistant,
 3.14 leak-proof container, labeled with the international biohazard symbol, that is used for 
3.15 handling, storage, transportation, and disposal of sharps. 
D. Judge Isabel Gomez’s ruling is being construded as Simple Braiding Devices are separate from Unregulated Services 10a to 10c and are numbered as 11g, 11i and now11j.
As a result, the Board can regulate the simple braiding devices that Hair Braiders use in their services.

3.16 Subp. 11i 11j. Simple braiding devices. “Simple braiding devices” include clips, 

3.17 combs, curlers, curling irons, hairpins, rollers, scissors, needles, and thread. 
 4.1 Subp. 13. Unregulated service. “Unregulated service” means those servicesnot 
4.2 defined as the practice of cosmetology under Minnesota Statutes, section 155A.23, 
4.3 subdivision 3, and that are exempt from regulation by the board. Unregulated services are 
4.4 ear piercing; body art; body painting; henna tattoos and permanent tattoos; eyebrow 
4.5 embroidery; eyebrow microblading; permanent hair removal; permanent makeup; tanning
 4.6 by UV radiation and spray tanning units; injectables; services for theatrical, television, film,
 4.7 fashion, photography, or media productions or media appearances; mortuary services; 
4.8 massage; body wraps and lymphatic drainage when performed by a massage therapist; the 
4.9 practice of medicine as defined in Minnesota Statutes, section 147.081, subdivision 3; and 
4.10 hair braiding, hair braiding services, and hair braiders, as defined in subparts 10a to 10c; 
4.11 and threading as defined in Minnesota Statutes,section 155A.23,subdivision 13. Ordinances 
4.12 by local units of government that prohibit hair braiding, hair braiding services, or hair 4.13 braiders, as defined in subparts 10a to 10c, or regulate any matter relating to licensing, 
4.14 testing, or training of hair braiding, hair braiding services, or hair braiders are preempted 4.15 by this part.

Natural Hair Braider Registration Vision Board Masterclass


Natural Hair Braiding Vision Board MasterClass
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I’m hosting an online Vision Board Masterclass for Natural Hair Braiding Students, Stylist and, Salon/Shop owners.

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Natural Hair Braiding License 💉Needle-Stick Act OSHA Rules🦠

💉💉Sharps Injury Log🦠

In addition to, the 1904 Recordkeeping Requirements, all percuta- neous injuries from contaminated sharps are also recorded in a Sharps Injury Log.

All incidences must include at least:
date of the injury, the type, and brand of the device involved (syringe, suture needle) department or work area where the incident occurred an explanation of how the incident occurred.

This log is reviewed as part of the annual program evaluation and maintained for at least five years following the end of the calendar year covered.

If a copy is requested by anyone, it must have any personal identifiers removed from the report.

As you can see, the OSHA Sharps Log does not as for the employees/independent contractors or clients name or information, so this is where the necessary modifications can be places.

Thanks for your attention.

Sharps Infection Control Booklet

https://www.house.leg.state.mn.us/hjvid/90/890532 http://www.startribune.com/local/north/269311081.html

Natural Hair Stylist Be Aware!

Are you a Natural HairBraider offering Sew-In Weaves as a natural hair care protective style service?

1️⃣ Then I’m asking you to Stop 🚫 reusing Needles 💉 on your clients!

No other Occupational reuses 💉 Needles!



🏥 Hospitals

👩🏽‍🎨Tattoo Artists


So why are you ALLOWED too!

2️⃣ If you are a Natural Hair Care client that’s wearing a Sew-In Weave I’m asking you to DEMAND you Natural Hair Care Stylist wear they’re required by OSHA Protective Personal Equipment to prevent cross-contamination of 💉 Blood-Borne Pathogens.

3️⃣ If you are a politician we DEMAND a Natural Hair Board for #TANGIBLES2020!

Cincinnati Might Be Outlawing Natural Hair Discrimination — Black America Web

Source: FG Trade / Getty Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Seelbach wants to propose a law that would prevent discrimination against natural hair and hairstyles in relation to race. The Councilman told the Cincinnati Enquirer, “People of color have been forced to regard natural and popular hairstyles – such as bantu knots, box braids, cornrows, dreadlocks,…

Cincinnati Might Be Outlawing Natural Hair Discrimination — Black America Web

Be A Barrier Breaker In Braiding At GodSpeed

I’m asking God to use the power of scripture to change my life and actions to 🧘🏾‍♂️ meditation.

I was raised with barrier blockers to meditating 🧱 and chanting.

Let me explain. It was challenging attending Aveda Spa Program because of meditation 🧘‍♀️ was a mandatory exercise EVERYDAY!

If you know me NOTHING is mandatory and my Grandma 👵🏾 said so!

No this was barrier blocker because I depended solely on what my Grandma and Great Grandma 👵🏾 said out of the Bible.

So as an adult 🧑🏾 this meditation crap 💩 keeps showing up everywhere I go.

Then God touch me and said “you run 🏃🏾‍♀️ to Google search bar for everything else 🏃 run to the Bible search bar!

So I used my Bible App to find a meditation 🧘🏾‍♂️ scripture this would prove Grandma 👵🏾 right!

But low and behold I found the perfect 👌🏾 scripture to meditate on and here it is.

Psalms 104:34

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I found the perfect scripture and now I have the ability to use my 💥 power, favor and talents to help me break barriers or if you know me “Find Loopholes”.

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No need to use chemical coloring agents in natural hair and this will reduce infection control techniques in a salon 💈 that cause scalp irritation.

The low-risk, high luminance, and nontoxic pomade wax offer natural hair care stylists an environmentally friendly ♻️ and safe occupational choice for chemical-free hairstyles.

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Becoming SuperNatural in Hair Care


As a Natural Hair Braider, Beautician or Barber 💈 knowing that chemical hair bleaching agents should not be applied to growing human hair is a 🧠 No Brainer.

Today we have a political issue ⚠️ that’s a plus for you and me on our tribes, progressive natural hair care journey.

Salon infection control is a must in the natural hair care 🏭 industry.

While wrapping human 💇‍♀️🏽hair and using a moisturizer to prevent breakage.

We should be dedicated to a daily natural hair moisturizing 📅 routine in love 💕 and with care.

Worst 💉 ‘Vampire facial’: 2 infected with #HIV after New Mexico spa injections

This is the absolute worst thing that could happen in the beauty 💅 industry 🏭 during deregulation.

Why because we know proper infection control is not being addressed in the current curriculum, and it’s ONLY protection for the public required.

The same person 👤 infections these two people 👭 and they know because if the same strand of HIV 🧬 I telling y’all..#WrapItUp hair stylist when Sew-inFection Control Aids.

“Additional laboratory testing on specimens from the two clients indicates recent infection with the same HIV virus – increasing the likelihood that the two HIV infections may have resulted from a procedure at the VIP spa,” state health officials said in a statement.

Worst 💉 ‘Vampire facial’: 2 infected with HIV after New Mexico spa injections