Natural Hair Braiding, Minnesota vs Zeno and Reciprocity

Death of the Practice and Jail for today’s Natural Hair History Challenge.

Yes, it is me Dee here at 3 on the 3 with some black history.

Ok in 1899 a man by the name of George Zeno was arrested for barbering in Minnesota.
“Defendant was convicted in the municipal court of Minneapolis for violation of Laws 1897, c. 186, being “An act to regulate the practice of barbering,” etc.; and appealed from an order, Holt, J., denying a motion for a new trial. Affirmed.”
The infamous case of Zeno versus the state of Minnesota in 1899.

Zeno a barber cut 2 white men hair and another white man filed a suit against him.

George Zeno was then locked in jail until the judge ruled on his respiratory case.

Then respa rocity was declared in multi-state registrations, permits, and licenses.

All these occupational licensing regulations would need to become interchangeable across States.

No because of this law hair braiders across all state lines will soon be able to apply for licensure on a federal level.

This is why the cosmetology regimes have deregulated the cosmetology boards to allow licensure for her braids.

You think if relaxers and cosmetologist on buying gallons of relaxer anymore that Revlon, Clairol, and any of the other big-name brand manufacturers are happy.

No, when all of the market of 1 billion dollars has been saturated amongst minority groups Asians, Africans, and anybody else that are immigrants to America.

The Asians Supply her, the Africans sew it in or braid it in, the black Americans sew it in or braids it on, the Asians are doing the nails, the Indian’s are doing the threading all these are great people from different countries embarking on economic success in America.

Thank you

Minnesota State .vs. G.Zeno


Natural Hair Braiding, The Head-Wrap, and HEALTH

Okay, today is Day 2, Monday’s HEALTH and it is on Bacteria.
Why is it disrespectful to call a Headwrap a Scarf?

I will ✋ wait and count from one to 30 again.

Okay, let’s get started in 1862 the oppression began to order black slave women to wear scarfs to cover their hair and prevent the spread of LICE.

  1. Lice is a pathogenic bacteria, it is an animal parasite and its found in hair that’s kept unclean.
  2. Lice is a communicable infection that can be spread to the public.
  3. Lice are contagious and must be diagnosed by a doctor, not a hairstylist.
    Legislation which is a law was passed in the South demanding African American women wear scarfs.
    Lice have never been a problem in the African American/Black community in all my 25 years as a hairstylist. Once my grandfather who was a hairstylist lived in the south and was my first teacher told me that a white slave masters wife was jealous of a malatto young lady and believed the young lady DECEIVED her family by passing as white. After that, this law came about. So this now brings me to the headscarf of my Liberian Sisters and how the love of HELPing another tie their scarf as a tradition.
    The bridging of cultures through this natural hair movement has the Headscarf as a FREEDOM marker to hold your head high.
    The stigma of LICE in our hair is an LYE.
    We never had lice!
    Just beautiful LOCS of Jealousy!

Slave Women and the Head Wrap

Slave Women And The Head-Wrap

Natural Hair Braiding License 💉Needle-Stick Act OSHA Rules🦠

💉💉Sharps Injury Log🦠

In addition to, the 1904 Recordkeeping Requirements, all percuta- neous injuries from contaminated sharps are also recorded in a Sharps Injury Log.

All incidences must include at least:
date of the injury, the type, and brand of the device involved (syringe, suture needle) department or work area where the incident occurred an explanation of how the incident occurred.

This log is reviewed as part of the annual program evaluation and maintained for at least five years following the end of the calendar year covered.

If a copy is requested by anyone, it must have any personal identifiers removed from the report.

As you can see, the OSHA Sharps Log does not as for the employees/independent contractors or clients name or information, so this is where the necessary modifications can be places.

Thanks for your attention.

Sharps Infection Control Booklet

Natural Hair Care Clients Fired!

Hey #SuperNatural’s

This is just a short video on my thoughts today after seeing this video on Journalist Brittany Noble-Jones Fired From WJTV For Having Natural Hair and the attackers of Natural Hair Care Clientele being fired from a local news station.

With the Government Shutdown effecting Section 8, SNAP, WIC and many other programs. I can see this affecting the bottle line bring home pay for many Natural Hair Braiding Licensees.

Losing clients to this Government Shutdown is one thing but a blankly attack employees in the private sector is a big RISK.

Again, Thanks for checking me out as I try to BackComb a foundation for Natural Hair Braiding Registration Licensees.

Pennsylvania Hair Braiding Requirements Under Governors Review

Pennsylvania Hair Braiding Requirements


Calling all #SuperNaturals!

Today I would like to address the article published on KYW News Radio 1060 by Justin Udo.

The full article ask for the #NaturalHair communities input and to contact Pennsylvania Senator Anthony Williams by email with their thoughts on Natural Hair Braiding Registration License.


Tweet your input on Natural Hair Braiders Registrations/Licenses to Senator Anthony Williams on Twitter.

The question is:

Should natural hair braiding be license?


Should natural hair braiding not be regulated for licensure in the state of Pennsylvania?

At eco Hair Braider® Association,LLC. we advocate in SUPPORT for Natural Hair Braiding Registration License Completion Certificate for ALL Natural Hair Braiding home-based, mobile, shops, salons and barbers as hair braiders to have Infection Control Certification.

Here is why?

In 2006, Institute for Justice, Lee McGrath won in the case of Minnesota Hair Braiding.

The Natural Hair Braiding Registration was awarded exemption from regulation under the Minnesota Cosmetology Board.

However, the “simple hair braiding devices” [means clips, combs, curlers, curling irons, hairpins, rollers, scissors, needles, thread, and hair binders including adhesives, if necessary, that are required solely for hair braiding] are used by Natural Hair Braiding Registration Licensees.

And under this court order of 2006 in which, Institute for Justice, Lee McGrath won in the case of Minnesota Hair Braiding the “Simple hair braiding devices” are under regulation of the cosmetology board.

  • Our position on health, safety and sanitation from a public health perspective.


Natural Hair Braiding services are done primarily on Black women.

Protecting the health of #BlackWomen through awareness of the spread of HIV and HPV from “needles” sticks are the demand of eco Hair Braider® Association,LLC.

🦠Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) Blood-Borne Pathogens manuals requires all sharps including “needles” be used once and placed in a marked container to prevent needle-prickling cross contamination.


It is time for Natural Hair Braiding Salon’s/shops to use preventative measures to protect the public’s health.

🦠OHSA also requires professional protective equipment (PPE’s) are useful with safety and awareness of blood to blood transmission.


Cleaning of needles does not eliminate exposure of blood to blood illnesses from Natural Hair Braiding Licensee to the public.

As seen in this Phoenix Salon Suites episode on Undercover Boss is a demonstration of the installations a “sew-in” weave primarily worn by Black women.

The owner of the “underground” natural hair braiding salon (Black Women) continues to coach the owner of multiple established beauty complexes (White Woman).

These complexes are sometimes called ‘beauty malls’ for state licensing purposes.

The two women are a PERFECT example of what the people are doing while installing a weave with a needle to a clients head.

The underground Natural Hair Braiding Stylist is heard saying ” there is going to be some pricking ” as the Phoenix Salon Suites owner is heard saying “ouch, ouch, ouch!”.

All while the poor client is in pain!

🦠 Most importantly, OSHA Needle-Stick Act requires a detailed “sharps injury log” and an “exposure control plan” of ALL Needle-Sticks from workers to clients for up to five (5) years.

Click here to view full episode of Phoenix Salon Suites on Undercover Boss.

In this case I wonder if any of these preventive measures were used and if there is an ‘exposure control plan’ at Phoenix Salon Suites as a Infection Control standard.

As for Natural Hair Braiding Stylist looking for information in Pennsylvania on Infection Control.

Here is what I was able to find.

Infection Control

Natural Hair Braiding License Course Requirements are:


 300 hours in a licensed cosmetology school

 10th grade education or equivalent

 State Board examination (consists of theory and practical examination prior to 11/25/14;

after this date the exam consists of a theory only exam)

However, the current state laws and rules for Natural Hair Braiding in Pennsylvania do NOT include any continuing education requirements, godfathering or reciprocity for Natural Hair Braiding Registration Licensee.

Here is the Pennsylvania Natural Hair Braiding Registration License laws and rules click here.

The Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology has a difficult website to manage but, I was able to locate this Application for Professional Licensure Examination for Natural Hair Braiding Registration Licensees.

Again #SuperNaturals contact Senator Anthony Williams with your thoughts.